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auditd 0.6.1 released


Just wanted to let everyone know that a new version of the audit daemon has 
been released. You can download tarball & srpm from 
http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/audit  It will also be available in rawhide 
tomorrow morning.

This release features a big cleanup of the auditctl code. I have new man pages 
for it that hopefully makes life easier for people. 

This release also features a new config option admin_space_left & 
admin_space_left_action. This is meant to be the soft limit where you can 
configure the system to go into single user mode. It should still leave a 
configurable amount of space left for logging anything that occurs while 
freeing up disk space or before you hit the hard limit.  There's a few more 
cleanups in the documentation and code.

Still not quite ready for beta testing but a little closer...

-Steve Grubb

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