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Re: Suggestions based on my experiences so far

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:04:26 -0500, Avishay Traeger
<atraeger cs sunysb edu> wrote:

> 4. Since we can trace both entries and exits, there should be a way to
> know what is an entry and what is an exit (I'm pretty sure you can't do
> this right now).  Also, it would be good if you could somehow correlate
> entries and exits.

We only collect information in audit_syscall_entry() and this should
remain the case imho.  We're able to send records to userland in
audit_syscall_exit() and audit_free() because we know that if we reach
audit_log_exit(), our record is complete (the syscall has finished
execution) even if it does come to userspace in pieces.  From
audit_syscall_entry, we don't know this.

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- Timothy R. Chavez

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