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Re: audit.53 kernel

On Thursday 02 June 2005 16:15, Steve Grubb wrote:
> This was after syslog had stopped logging so I couldn't get
> anything.

I have some more information. There are 2 problems. One is that the rules come 
back to life. If you set a watch on /bin/sh, you see when shell scripts get 
called on shutdown.

The other problem is an oops. It only occurs if auditing is enabled during 
shutdown. When auditing is disabled, you get the inodes busy message. I also 
found that I get the oops on shutdown with only this command entered:

auditctl -w /var/gdm/.gdmfifo -k pipe -p rwea

The information I was able to collect is:

EIP: 0xf0888105
EIP is at ext3_put_super
process unmount (pid 3380

call trace:

/etc/rc0.d/S01halt: line 14: 3380 segmentation fault
unmounting filesystems
umount2 invalid argument

Checking gdb for EIP shows an invalid address.


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