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Re: audit.53 kernel

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 17:46 -0400, Steve Grubb wrote:
> The information I was able to collect is:
> EIP: 0xf0888105
> EIP is at ext3_put_super
> process unmount (pid 3380

I've now reproduced this with a serial console attached. This part of
the output would have been more useful:

Assertion failure in ext3_put_super() at fs/ext3/super.c:425: "list_empty(&sbi->s_orphan)"
------------[ cut here ]------------
kernel BUG at fs/ext3/super.c:425!

> Checking gdb for EIP shows an invalid address.

You don't really need to look up the line number for a BUG(), because it
tells you. But for reference: that EIP was in a module, so you have to
look at that module for debugging information instead of vmlinux, and
use the address relative to the (unrelocated) function rather than the
absolute address.

(gdb) list *ext3_put_super+0xf2
0x9c1a is in ext3_put_super (fs/ext3/super.c:425).

420              * isn't empty.  The on-disk one can be non-empty if we've
421              * detected an error and taken the fs readonly, but the
422              * in-memory list had better be clean by this point. */
423             if (!list_empty(&sbi->s_orphan))
424                     dump_orphan_list(sb, sbi);
425             J_ASSERT(list_empty(&sbi->s_orphan));
427             invalidate_bdev(sb->s_bdev, 0);
428             if (sbi->journal_bdev && sbi->journal_bdev != sb->s_bdev) {
429                     /*


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