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Re: .56 kernel FS_WATCH records

Steve Grubb wrote:

Testing with the .56 kernel. I did a watch on a file and then did a move:
... snip ...
Why does FS_WATCH have 2 formats? Both are the same type and have totally different name/value pairs. This messes up parsing. If they represent 2 different pieces of information, they have to have 2 different message types.

Besides, why are they split like this? They weren't like this last week. This introduces another 46 byte overhead to diskspace consumption for each record.

Also, in the path record, it is a file - not a dir. The permissions are wrong as well. sb 0644.


I definitely agree with Steve ... having two different FS_WATCH records will also break our parsing mechanism.
I think from a test perspective, I would prefer concatenating the records the way they were before rather than creating another type. Having a different type will also cause a headache in our parse and verify functions.

- Loulwa

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