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Boundary tests for filename/pathname

I am adding the new test cases to check for the boundary conditions on filename and pathname when inserting watches...
I am trying the following scenarios:

Filename > NAME_MAX 	(260)
Filename = NAME_MAX	(255)
Filename = NAME_MAX+1	(256)
Filename = NAME_MAX-1	(254)

Pathname > PATH_MAX 	(4098)
Pathname = PATH_MAX	(4095)
Pathname = PATH_MAX+1	(4096)
Pathname = PATH_MAX-1	(4094)

The values in () are the strlen() output of what I am actually supplying the auditctl command (now I am passing those values, assuming that the null character will bring the value up to what I am testing)

Then I thought to get the latest audit and I look in auditctl.c file, it seems that it is comparing against strlen() output, so not counting NULL.

Based on what I found, I am thinking my initial assumption above is not valid, and I need to supply enough characters (without the null) to meet my test scenario ... Is this correct?


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