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audit.56 merged with audit-2.6.git


Cardinal sin here... I've not only attached the patch, but I've tarred and gzipped it :)

I merged all the changes in audit.56 that were not in audit-2.6.git for the LKML RFC.
If you could please look over this and maybe even build and test a little to make sure
it works, that'd be good!  I did a little testing and things seem to be in good order,
but it doesn't hurt to have an extra set of eyes and what-not.

There is a problem that hasn't been worked out yet that is preventing us from adding a 
large number of watches... it bombs at around ~360 insertions IF we're triggering those 
watches (adding watches, touching the watch file), but works perfectly fine when we 
simply add them without triggering them.

There are still some other things that need to be done, minor things, with regards to 
auditfs (like logging when implicit watch removals occur), but other then that I think 
David and I feel this is probably ready for an LKML RFC.

Should I remove all parts of this patch that do not pertain to auditfs?  Should we 
push Chris's netlink work to the git tree and then patch against that for RFC?

Attachment: audit-2.6.git~tc.patch.tar.gz
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