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Re: [RFC][PATCH] (#5, U3) filesystem auditing

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 05:53 pm, Timothy R. Chavez wrote:
> Hello,
> - This patch reorders the hooks to be consistently placed above the
> security hooks (Thanks Serge).
> - It also removes the audit_notify_watch() hooks from vfs_rmdir and
> vfs_unlink and places it in may_delete() (Thanks Stephen).
> - Stripped out the auditfs_enable feature because there was no outstanding
> use-case for it.  We determined it was sufficient to have the compile time
> configure option only.  (Thanks David, Thanks Steve).
> Sorry I didn't get this out sooner David.
> Also, what I'm doing with reference counting and locking doesn't seem to be
> too clear (and it really isn't) -- I apologize for that.  Though this will
> all be described in detail in a document, I'll go ahead and send out an
> e-mail explaining what's going on.
> -tim

[Oops, set up a seperate e-mail client and I sent this message with a 
non-approved e-mail account for this list, so I'm resending it with the 
appropriate e-mail acocunt.]

Just a quick note.  Loulwa received a kernel panic this morning when rebooting 
with patch #5 U3.  I was unable to look at the panic message (it was related 
to the VFS) she got earlier and I've not received such a panic on my machine 
with the patch applied.  If you do happen to patch with #5 U3 can you tell me 
what architecture you patched on and booted with and if you got a panic (and 
any other information you could gather associated with the panic) or 
not.  It's my intention to test this code on as many platforms as possible, 
but I'm really short on time at the moment.



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