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audit 0.6.8 released


I have just released audit 0.6.8. The main change of this release is that 
pam_loginuid has been removed. Since it has applications beyond whether or 
not audit is installed on a system, it only makes sense to move it to pam. 
This also removes the circular dependency of pam needing audit, audit needs 

The first step is to grep around for pam_loginuid throughout your /etc/pam.d 
directory. Either comment out the line with pam_loginuid or change it from 
required to optional. If you get locked out of your machine, reboot to single 
user mode and fix pam.

Then get the newest pam from rawhide (if you are a rawhide user) or wait until 
David's yum repo has a new version of pam with the patch adding 
pam_loginuid.so to it.

If you want to roll your own version of pam, I have put the patch on my 
website that adds it back to pam. http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/audit/  The 
latest version of audit is at the same place.

-Steve Grubb

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