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Re: [patch] Syscall auditing - move "name=" field to the end

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 14:41 -0800, Chris Wright wrote:
> * Ondrej Zary (linux rainbow-software org) wrote:
> > This patch moves the "name=" field to the end of audit records. The 
> > original placement is bad because it cannot be properly parsed. It is 
> > impossible to tell if the name is "/bin/true" or "/bin/true inode=469634 
> > dev=00:00" because the "inode=" and "dev=" fields can be omitted.


open("/bin/true\naudit(1111008484.824:89346): ...", O_RDONLY);

I don't think this patch is enough -- either we need to escape the text
completely or just dump it as hex instead of a string. One option would
be to dump it in quotes as a string if all chars in the string are in
the range 0x20-0x7e, and as hex otherwise. That slightly complicates the
parsing, but not by much, and still gives you plain text in the majority
of cases while protecting against abuse.


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