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Re: [patch] Syscall auditing - move "name=" field to the end

Below is the format_text patch I worked on a long time ago based on Klaus' suggestion. I wasn't able to contribute it back then, but can now.
It is built against and old version of audit. I can create a similar patch against the latest level if it would be helpful.

----- Forwarded by Debora Velarde/Austin/IBM on 03/17/2005 02:06 PM -----

          Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com>

          01/05/2005 08:48 AM


Debora Velarde/Austin/IBM IBMUS


Mounir Bsaibes/Austin/IBM IBMUS


format_text patch

Hi Debbie & Mounir,

Debbie, thanks for working on this and being so quick to get it done. I really
appreciate that. I'm not so happy that I can't publish your contribution.

In short, I have to release a new version of audit today. I'm attaching
Debbie's patch to this e-mail. Its a diff between 0.6 and 0.5.7 - which was
my development copy that was never published. This will let you "put it back"
for testing.

-Steve Grubb

(See attached file: audit-0.6-deb.patch)

GIF image

GIF image

Attachment: audit-0.6-deb.patch
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