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Supporting linux-audit in our 2.6 kernel

Hello linux-audit,

We are suddenly under a lot of time pressure to
demonstrate linux-audit working in our 2.6.6 kernel.

This kernel is booted with a RHEL 3 update 3 userland.

Obviously there is a mismatch between our userland
and kernel with respect to supporting linux-audit.

Here's what I've done:

1. I built our kernel with the  CONFIG_AUDIT=y
   CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL=y config options.

2. I removed the laus-0.1-65RHEL3 rpm and installed
   the audit-0.5-1 rpm.

3. I booted the mix and got the auditd daemon running

4. I tried some auditctl commands, but had no clue how to
   test the mix.  I have no idea how to configure this and I
   can't find any documentation on the interface.

Am I on the right track?

Where can I find documentation?

How do I do at least a sanity check?  (login and passwd file)

Do I need any kernel patches for 2.6.6 and audit-0.5-1?

Should I try the audit-0.6.5 and are there any kernel patches needed?

We have to be ready by Friday.

Thanks a million for any advice.  If we are successful, I'm fairly
certain this will ship with our product from now on.  We'd be glad to
provide testing feedback to you.

Thank You,

Joe Porter
Senior Software Engineer
Concurrent Computer Corporation

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