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[PATCH] fix audit_rule_syscallbyname()


The audit_rule_syscallbyname() function in libaudit currently doesn't
work for any system calls other than "all".  This is because it
depends on a previous setting of the audit_elf global variable.

This has been unnoticed so far because auditctl defines an audit_elf
global and sets it before calling this routine.

Arguably, libaudit shouldn't be using a global this way, but this
patch fixes the immediate problem.


diff -Nrup audit-1.0.8/lib/libaudit.c audit-1.0.8-new/lib/libaudit.c
--- audit-1.0.8/lib/libaudit.c	2005-10-17 13:40:22.000000000 -0400
+++ audit-1.0.8-new/lib/libaudit.c	2005-11-01 13:43:13.013425856 -0500
@@ -588,7 +588,10 @@ int audit_rule_syscallbyname(struct audi
 			rule->mask[i] = ~0;
 		return 0;
-	machine = audit_elf_to_machine(audit_elf);
+	if (!audit_elf)
+		machine = audit_detect_machine();
+	else
+		machine = audit_elf_to_machine(audit_elf);
 	if (machine < 0)
 		return -2;
 	nr = audit_name_to_syscall(scall, machine);

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