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Re: New Audit types

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 11:43, Matt Anderson wrote:
>Here are the four types that were required for Cups

Just a generic question -- do we need to patch cat, cp, rsync, scp, star, ... 
to have these, too? 

What if they do:
file=`cat secret`
echo $file > /mnt/unlabeled-device/file

Would it be reasonable to expect the shell script trigger this event? If so, 
would we need to patch all these apps or should this be done via kernel 
mechanism? If catching this is reasonable...what about anything else like 
perl, python, expect, etc.


These seem to be user space oriented, so I'll add these to libaudit.h.

I think we also need these:


But as to whether they are kernel or userspace message types will depend on 
discussing the first paragraph.


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