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Re: [PATCH] (0/2) new audit filter allows excluding messages by type

On Thursday 03 November 2005 09:26, Amy Griffis wrote:
> > auditctl -E "type=IPC" -E "type>1400"
> Using the hard numbers is not a good idea.

This is just an illustration. Besides, we have to support numbers as we may be 
using old user space tools and new kernel.

> We want to abstract that 
> from the user.  It would be better to define an alias that comprises
> an event group.  For example:
>     auditctl -E user
> would exclude any messages in the range AUDIT_FIRST_USER_MSG to

Aahh, but there is a collision in that audit_user is a valid message type. 
This would be confusing, too.

> Providing the capability to exclude single messages or larger groups
> of messages should suffice.  I don't think it benefits the user to
> support the >,< operators in this case.

But it calls the comparator function, so we can support these operators for 

> Additionally, I don't think it makes sense to support the exclusion of
> any single message type defined in the header file.

I think we should let users decide for themselves. We cannot know every 
situation or reason for doing things. Why prevent someone that knows what 
they want?


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