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Re: LSPP Requirement Specifically for Auditing

On 10/3/05, Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com> wrote:
> I've been doing an analysis of what all we need to do to get the audit system
> up to par for LSPP. The actual work list for all of LSPP is bigger, I am
> extracting just the ones that are aimed primarily at the audit system. This
> is the essential requirements:

Hey Steve-

Thanks for doing this work.  For the of completeness, can you reference
the section of the LSPP/RBAC specification where each of these came
from?  Just looking at a few these, I'm a little confused where the
requirement comes from.

> 10.0 Postfix
> 10.1 Add loginuid code to set it when delivering local mail

Also, I'm pretty sure that we removed Postfix from the Security Target.


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