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Re: [PATCH] Audit filter rule operators (1/2)

On 10/24/05, Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com> wrote:
> On Friday 21 October 2005 19:24, Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> > This is the user space component of this patch. 
> Thanks. I'll merge this when I open the 1.1 series. That should be later this
> week.


> > I had to make this a bit smarter, and I think I did it cleanly using
> > strstr(). Each of the six operators (!=, >=, <=, =, >, <) are searched
> Because of shell redirection, I wonder if we need to make another form of
> these. Like ".ne.", ".ge.", ".le.", ".eq.", ".gt.", ".lt." respectively.
> (Remember FORTRAN?)

It wouldn't be terribly difficult to add support for these in addition
to the symbols.  Using the symbols, however, just means that you've got
to use double quotes, which doesn't seem like too much to ask to me.
But I'm fine with supporting the two-char-strings also, if you want.
I'll add that to the patch and test it if you're interested.


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