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Re: Possible performance bug

Chris Wright wrote:
> * Linda Knippers (linda knippers hp com) wrote:
>>Would it be better to not allow auditing to be enabled after boot
>>then?  I'm concerned about the case where auditing isn't started
>>at boot time but enabled later.  There could be alot of processes
>>that won't be audited.  If things can't be both dynamic and correct
>>then I vote for correct.
> That would also mean you can't disable dynamically (as it would be
> a reboot to turn it back on).  This sounds overally restrictive.

You could turn things off dynamically.  At least the admin would
see the expected behavior, and hopefully without continuing to pay
the performance penalty.  Its turning things on that's a problem
if the system is in a state where some processes are audited and
some aren't.  If someone wants auditing, then I assume they want
correct behavior.  Has anyone checked to make sure that auditd is
really started early enough that the current behavior is ok?  Maybe
it is for CAPP but is it for a random admin who wants auditing?

> I'd vote for documented and left up to admin (with sane default).

What's the sane default?

> It's pretty useful (at least from development perspective ;-) to disable,
> then re-enable.

Yep, its been useful, but I've also not testing what I thought I was
testing because of the current behavior.  Bummer.

-- ljk

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