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Re: New development

On Monday ١٢ September ٢٠٠٥ ١٤:٣٨, Dustin Kirkland wrote:


>.  Perhaps after this patch is integrated, the binary record to-do
> sounds interesting to me...
> :-Dustin

So we have talked about this in the past and it was indeed slated for EAL٤, but was dropped in
favor of plaintext.  This is a good place to start,


I'm partial to using XDR as it's already in the kernel (net/sunrpc/xdr.c) and addresses, by design,
some of the nasty issues that surface when using a binary record format (ie: ٣٢-bit vs. ٦٤-bit).

We're also going to want to converge on a set of standard tokens and some have suggested we
go with the (Basic Security Module) BSM set of audit tokens.  Here's a good paper here on this

(Looks like the original PDF was removed)

And it's worth checking out the TrustedBSD implementation... 



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