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Re: [PATCH] fix ppid bug in 2.6.18 kernel

On Monday 28 August 2006 14:59, Amy Griffis wrote:
> AUDIT_PPID was recently added, so shouldn't be supported for the
> legacy structure. 

There's no harm in adding it here. Lets old userspace work with new kernels.

> Instead auditctl should use struct audit_rule_data for rules with

The way that it currently works is that it uses the old structures until it 
decides that it needs the new structures (key, watch, etc). It needs to do 
this so that people can boot into old kernels and issue audit commands. FC5 
includes 2.6.16 kernel and I will be pushing the current audit userspace into 
FC5 when we know that everything works fine for 2.6.18. So, FC5 will have 
users with both kinds of kernels.

I will be removing all the old audit_rule stuff soon so that auditctl uses 
nothing but the new interface. Somewhere around 2.6.20, we should pull all 
the old audit_rule struct stuff from the kernel, too.

But in the mean time, we should support both equally when it makes sense.


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