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git tree

>From Al:

       OK...  Untangling the mess around ppoll/unshare for backport to
2.6.15-based tree turns out to be just too messy.  Therefore,
contains the tree based on Linus' current.  Branches:
        * origin = mainline
        * audit = ported stuff, that's where everything got to settle

Amy, I've moved 3 of 4 patches to current tree; please see if they are
OK (the 3rd might be worth a look) and see if you could port the last one.
Currently ported stuff is in branch called amg (3 changesets, starts at
current tip of audit).

        I'm going to keep the entire construction within a day from
mainline; experiments on much larger patchset show that it's quite
feasible.  Questions:
        * what kind of tags do we want for that animal?  E.g. for
kernels we are testing, etc.
        * do we want LSPP srpms to be put there?  It's not hard to do;
about half an hour for each...
        * what of pending patches needs to be ported to current tree
ASAP?  Note that we've got unshare from mainline; everything that had
been in old tree is there and so's jbaron's vm86 patch.

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