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Re: Re. 2.6.15-mm1

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 00:22 +0100, Etienne Lorrain wrote:
> --- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 infradead org> wrote:
> > What if you don't enable auditing?
>  I have edited /etc/selinux/config and replaced SELINUX=permissive
> by SELINUX=disabled (still speaking of RedHat FC4).
>  Do you have another test (please be more verbose, I do not know
> auditing).

I didn't mean selinux -- I meant the auditing code, which is mostly
separate. It's just that selinux happens to use the auditing code for
recording denials.

You seemed to have enabled syscall auditing on your system -- perhaps
only because of a very foolish distribution default. Please either
remove the 'audit' userspace package completely, or just disable its
init script -- 'rpm -e audit' or 'chkconfig --level 345 auditd off'

But since you seem to have concluded that the problem goes away without
selinux, that's interesting information.

> > >  Attached is another OOPS which seems related (not line wrapped).
> > Can you enable slab debugging?
>  If you think about pressing keys, well I am sometimes happy CtrlAltDel
> works, it seems that my quickly selected kernel configuration for
> -mm1 and -mm2 like me to press ON/OFF. That can also be due to
> my bootloader with the new double fault stuff.

> # CONFIG_SLAB is not set

Please try with SLAB, and CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB.


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