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Re: Problem with start of auditd on 2.6.13-2smp machine

On Tuesday 10 January 2006 13:48, Lisa Giacchetti wrote:
>    Technically I do not need file system auditing. My primary goal is
> to get rid of the thouands of messages in /var/log/messages of the
> type:

The patches that we sent upstream did not go in a terribly organized way. 
There was a patch specifically to stop user space originating audit messages 
when the audit system was disabled. I think you may need 2.6.14 to have that 

In any event, the audit daemon enables auditing on startup. So, just doing 
"chkconfig --levels auditd 2345 off" should do it. The RHEL4 audit package 
shipped with the audit daemon disabled, so it got enabled somehow.

> The system is based on RHEL4. It comes with audit-0.5-1 and
> audit-libs-1.0.3-6.EL4 installed.

0.5 was an empty package.

> I have found that upgrading to the newer version, audit-1.0.3-6.EL4,
> moves the audit messages above to /var/log/audit/audit.log.
> Even with the error at start, this is accomplished.

Using 1.0.3 might be the best solution if you have a kernel without the patch 
to stop user space originating messages. Just set the log size low and tell 
it to suspend logging when the file gets too big.

freq = 50
num_logs = 2
max_log_file = 1
max_log_file_action = SUSPEND


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