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Re: auditd/auditctl SLED10

Lane Williams wrote:
> Yeah, I had tried that.  There is an access syscall.  From the looks of
> things the audit version that comes with SuSE has a few problems.  I
> know in Red Hat it seems to work as I need it to.  SuSE is also using
> Apparmor in place of SELinux, or at least they make it appear that way.
> The audit deamon also does not support file system watches.

File system watches aren't supported in the upstream kernel until

> Seems the only success=no returns that I receive are when the file does
> not exist.  I may also have to add more to my filter in order to get
> what I want.  Unfortunately I am stuck with SuSE and will have to
> continue troubleshooting until the patches come out.

If you're using a 2.6.16 kernel and 1.1.3 audit tools, that seems like
a mismatch.  There was a 1.1.4 audit package released back in February
and the release mail mentions apparmor support.

You could try:

Good luck,

-- ljk
> Thanks,
> Lane

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