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Re: auditctl -A entry,always -S chmod

Michael C Thompson wrote:     [Fri Jun 02 2006, 11:35:31AM EDT]
> Hey Amy & Steve,
> I'm not sure if you two are seeing this, but if you insert a rule to the 
> front of the rule list with the -A option, the list it was added to is 
> somewhere lost. Can you confirm that you're seeing this as well? I'm 
> running with audit-1.2.3 and kernel lspp.34

I see the same thing.

> # auditctl -A entry,always -S chmod
> # auditctl -l
> LIST_RULES: (null),always syscall=chmod
> I took a quick look in the user space section of auditctl, but it 
> doesn't seem to be a user space issue. My guess is the 
> AUDIT_FILTER_PREPEND flag is not being treated properly in the kernel 

Yep, looks like it should be cleared after adding the rule.  I'll send
a patch along in a bit.


> since I believe it does make it's way down intact (it at least gets to 
> audit_send intact).
> Thanks,
> Mike

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