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Re: [redhat-lspp] Re: cups userspace -- trusted programs?

Linda Knippers wrote:
I don't think they should be considered a source for leaking
information.  The only thing I see isn't a leak so much as a
(extremely low bandwidth) covert channel of "is the printer enabled
or disabled?" Since the use of these programs is restricted, we're
covered under no-evil-admin.
How are these restricted? Or rather, how are they supposed to be
restricted? I am able to cupsenable, cupsdisable, accept and reject
my printer as a non-root user under both permissive and enforcing

To which groups does your user account belong?

uid=500(mcthomps) gid=500(mcthomps) groups=500(mcthomps) context=user_u:user_r:user_t:SystemLow

> By default, cups
will allow anyone in group sys to perform administrative functions
but this is configurable in cupsd.conf.  We'll have to decide
whether allowing sys group members is ok or we'll have to modify
the cupsd.conf for the evaluated config.  I suspect we'll modify

I've butchered my cupsd.conf pretty badly, so it could be a result of that. I've not tried doing this with a fresh install, but if it works on your end, I'll assume it's my config mangling.


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