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Audit Wiki?

Hi, all.  We've been working on plotting a strategy for near-term
implementation of a NISPOM PL1 compliant installation here, and we're
hoping to move away from using Snare on a hand-hacked Linux kernel to
a more firm Linux 2.6 Audit basis.

One tool that I've found to be extremely valuable as I've tried to
plot out the issues involved has been an internal MediaWiki site that
we're running.  I've sketched out summary documentation on the nature
and state of Linux 2.6 Audit, as well as how its design intersects
with SELinux and the role of polished user-fronting tools like Snare
in an Audit world.

This has been great, but our internal Wiki can only provide so much
value when there's perhaps two authors and a half-dozen audience
members for this content.

Is there any Wiki set up to support the 2.6 Audit work?  Preferably
something that could be used for design documentation as well as
hands-on advice in implementing Audit against popular distributions.

I'd love to be able to document design issues for associated open
source tools like Snare on such a site, as well.

From what I can tell, the only web site set up to support Audit is
Steve Grubb's audit page at redhat.com.

Am I missing something?

If not, what would people think about establishing such a Wiki?  I
could probably (read: haven't yet asked boss) set up such a Wiki on
our public-facing PHP server, but it might be better to host it
someplace more official.

Heck, it'd be great to just put some Audit-related pages on a general
kernel development wiki, but I don't know whether that exists, either.

Any suggestions?


Jonathan Abbey 				              jonabbey arlut utexas edu
Applied Research Laboratories                 The University of Texas at Austin
GPG Key: 71767586 at keyserver pgp.mit.edu, http://www.ganymeta.org/workkey.gpg

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