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Re: Audit Wiki?

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 20:01, Jonathan Abbey wrote:
> We've been working on plotting a strategy for near-term implementation of a
> NISPOM PL1 compliant installation here, 

You should be able to do it with the latest LSPP kernel + FC5. I have put all 
the bits in place to meet it. I can't think of a lot to strategize over, but 
I can tell you what was done to meet each requirement.

> Is there any Wiki set up to support the 2.6 Audit work?

No. However, the fedora project has a wiki with SE Linux stuff in it and it 
would be a natural place to document it. SE Linux and audit cooperate.

> If not, what would people think about establishing such a Wiki?  

That could be helpful for people. I don't have much time to contribute to it, 
but I could answer questions and maybe review what gets written up.

> I could probably (read: haven't yet asked boss) set up such a Wiki on
> our public-facing PHP server, but it might be better to host it
> someplace more official.

I'd suggest fedora wiki because of the synergy with SE Linux, but if you want 
to document it for other distros, it might not be appropriate on that site. 
I'd have to check.

> Any suggestions?

Sounds like something that needs to be done. Please pursue this wherever you 
find a suitable wiki.


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