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Re: [fwd] Re: + git-audit-master-build-fix.patch added to -mm tree

On Friday 03 March 2006 06:01, Alexander Viro wrote:
> [replacement patch below is put into audit-current.git]

Jason's patch, while promising, is still experimental. It has not been posted 
to the linux-audit mail list for review...so I don't think it should be in 
the -mm tree just yet. We need to put it into the lspp kernel first and let 
people do regression tests to make sure that we have not introduced a 

The flow really needs to be: lspp kernel-> -mm tree-> linus tree.

I think Amy's patches fall into this same category, meaning they need to be 
run in the lspp kernel first to make sure we agree that they meet our needs 
before sending on to a larger community. 

The string interface patches have had enough run time in lspp kernel that they 
can be moved to -mm tree. As a matter of fact, some of Dustin's work depends 
on these patches and his is ready to go into -mm tree, too (including the 
leak patch).

The only controversial work is the patches that touch inotify and Jason's 
performance patch. I'd feel better if they get testing in lspp kernel first.


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