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Re: [fwd] Re: + git-audit-master-build-fix.patch added to -mm tree

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 06:33:42AM -0500, Steve Grubb wrote:
> The flow really needs to be: lspp kernel-> -mm tree-> linus tree.

Then please mark the patches you consider safe for inclusion.  Explicitly.
> I think Amy's patches fall into this same category, meaning they need to be 
> run in the lspp kernel first to make sure we agree that they meet our needs 
> before sending on to a larger community. 
> The string interface patches have had enough run time in lspp kernel that they 
> can be moved to -mm tree. As a matter of fact, some of Dustin's work depends 
> on these patches and his is ready to go into -mm tree, too (including the 
> leak patch).

Leak patches simply got folded into the patches that introduced the leaks
in the first place.  End of story.  Note that moving stuff upstream is
still our job - mirrors of git trees in -mm do not get submitted upstream.
Nor could they, since they are present in -mm as single chunks, rather
than being split into changesets.  So we definitely want to keep individual
changesets self-contained and mergable to mainline.

> The only controversial work is the patches that touch inotify and Jason's 
> performance patch. I'd feel better if they get testing in lspp kernel first.

IMO Jason's stuff is OK.  inotify, OTOH, (a) conflicts with other stuff in
-mm and (b) is not ready for any testing, period.  Version posted last week
would deadlock instantly and that chunk is _the_ reason for previous
inotify-affecting patch.  Besides, Amy asked to move those to the end of
queue, so that she could replace them with convenience.  Which is what
had been done...

I'm still not sure what to do with the string patch #2 - right now it's
in amg.b2; if Amy is OK with moving it to main branch, I'll do that and
Dustin's patches will follow immediately.

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