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Re: Audit Parsing Library Requirements

Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com> writes:

> I am ready to begin defining requirements for an audit event
> extraction and parsing library.

One aspect of such a library is to define the structure of events as
seen by consumers of the information.  From reading the manual page,
and observing output, I conclude ausearch produces a sequence of
events.  Each event is a sequence of tables, one table is specified on
one line of output.  A table is a sequence of key-value pairs, and
sometimes the value is missing.

If this description accurately reflects the structure of the output of
ausearch, a simple callback-based programming interface is suggested.
For example, a consumer of the information could define a structure of
type struct audit_event_callback, and then pass a pointer to it to the
provider of audit data, in the following example, the gimme function.

typedef struct audit_event_callback {
  void (*end_event)(void);	/* Note the end of an event. */
  void (*end_table)(void);	/* Note the end of a table in an event. */
  /* Note one entry in a table in an event--a key-value pair. */
  /* The value may be NULL. */ 
  void (*entry)(const char *key, const char *value);
} *audit_event_callback_t;

int gimme(audit_event_callback_t a_callback/* other input */) {
  /* ...*/ return 0;

With this kind of interface, if an audit event consumer passed the
pointer aec as its callback to the gimme function for data ausearch
would output as:

type=SYSCALL syscall=umount2
type=PATH name=/media/LEXAR_MEDIA

the following calls would be produced.

aec->entry("type", "SYSCALL");
aec->entry("syscall", "umount2");
aec->entry("type", "PATH");
aec->entry("name", "/media/LEXAR_MEDIA");

On another topic, I would like to see the library interface commit to
providing only US-ASCII strings.  This way, issues of character sets
can be avoided.


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