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Re: Audit Parsing Library Requirements

Steve Grubb wrote:
On the Side note issue, I am all for that, using a "space" when "_"
should be just makes for alot of unnecessary parsing exceptions to skip
those lonely words.

That would actually slow down parsing since I would now have to do lots of exception processing. It has to be high performance and adding spaces just makes that harder to achieve.
exactly my point ... I have to deal with the same exceptions for our parser. Best thing and what makes the most sense is to use "audit_uid" for example instead of "audit uid" and so on for all those two word fields.

Also, many audit records have what seems to me to be random symbols (ex.
 , : ( ' ). If we get rid of those .. that would be great.

The are separators for different kinds of information. Don't worry about any of these details. auparse library should make it such that you don't worry about the underlying details.
Well .. our parser right now just skips those symbols when it encounters them, but I wanted to bring it up to better understand what purpose they serve. If they are necessary, then I guess they stay.


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