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Re: Audit Parsing Library Requirements

On Monday 13 March 2006 11:14, Kevin Carr wrote:
> I have a question about how you imagine regular expression matching to
> work.  For example if I want to match the "exe" field in avc messages with
> at regular expression, what will be the best way given this API?

That's a good question. Right now, ausearch has 2 kinds of matching, substring 
and whole string. Which match to use is governed by the -w parameter to 
ausearch. The default being substring.

> Does it become something like:
> ausearch_set_param("exe", "regex", "/sbin(/.*)")

I think we need to add another operator to correctly represent ausearch's 

ausearch_set_param("exe", "~", "/sbin");

For example, the above would do substring matches. Any exe field that 
has /sbin, would match. So both /sbin/fdisk and /usr/sbin/nstat would match.

ausearch_set_param("exe", "=", "/sbin");

Would likely draw no matches since a directory isn't an executable.

I have stayed away from regex matching because performance will be bad. 
However, I think we can throw that in at this point and just warn people that 
its likely to be slow.

I'll update the spec to include a section about operators & matching and 
repost it to this thread.


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