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I can't create true log file.

Hello, i am new for audit and its configuration. But i
have to do some configurations for a projects.

What i want to do that: when a user changes a file or
its contains the system make a log file containing
when it be done, who did it, which user did it.
Someone said me "use audit". I tried and also i try
but i can't success. Because i want user name but it
give user id, i want file name but it give a number.I
also want to add printing jobs in this log file the
same conditions.

On the other hand; i think i can't be successful for
configuration and rules files.

How can i do this? can you show me the way,please? is
there any book or e-book? or is there any simple or
different program, way or choice to make for like that
log file.


Evren Kalayciklioglu

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