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Re: Audit Parsing Library Requirements

I'd like to suggest a convention for representing name/value pairs
made available through the parsing library.  As stated before, I'd
like to be sure that the strings returned as the name and as the value
of a field contain 7-bit ASCII characters excluding zero.  The
question is what happens if a value represents binary data.  Such a
value might appear in the log if the initial sequence of the second
argument of a write system call is recorded.

I suggest that in the string returned as the name or value of a field,
we let the alphanumeric characters, space, and the following graphic
characters stand for themselves: !#%^*(_)~+=~[]'|;:{},.<>/?$ `   The
characters that can be represented as a single character escape in a C
string would be represented the same way in a value, and the remaining
characters would be represented as a backslash, followed by the letter
'x', followed by two hexidecimal digits.  With this specification, a
value could be wrapped in double quotes, and become a C string
constant.  Note with this specification, characters such as '\t' and
'\n' would appear quoted, and programs can make use of this fact.


Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com> writes:

> On Friday 10 March 2006 16:33, Steve Grubb wrote:
> > OK. I think the last round of comments was helpful.
> Audit Event Parsing Library Specifications
> ==========================================


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