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Re: [patch] fix syscall speedup patch mips typo

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Amy Griffis wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 10:32:01AM -0500, Jason Baron wrote:
> > Patch is below. The idea behind this patch is based on a suggestion from 
> > Steve Grubb to not call 'audit_syscall_entry' and 'audit_syscall_exit' if 
> > there are no audit rules loaded. This is problematic for the case where 
> > audit_log() is called in the middle of a system call (since we don't have 
> > the entry parameters). We address this issue by creating a partial system 
> > call record for this case, which contains the system call data that is 
> > available at exit time. The patch shows a 30% performance increase for the 
> > case where no rules are loaded on testing system calls in a tight loop.
> For your baseline measurement, was syscall auditing enabled or
> disabled?

the baseline is audit enabled (ie audit_enabled=1) with no rules and no 
speedup patch. This was compared with audit enabled with no rules but with 
the speedup patch.


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