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Re: audit test results on lspp.12 kernel

Hi Steve,

Maybe you could post something about the standard logging
function and what the records ought to look like these days?
I think having consistent records is a good thing but it would
have been nice to see them here first since the changes have an
impact.  Loulwa mentioned a case where the string is missing.
I don't know if its really missing or just not found exactly
as expected.  Do you know if any messages were omitted as
part of the conversion?


-- ljk

Steve Grubb wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 March 2006 16:38, Loulwa Salem wrote:
>>Our test cases check for that string and
>>are failing if it's not found... Is there a reason this was removed?
> Everything was changed over to a standard logging function so that the format 
> will be consistent across all packages. Previously, each package had its own 
> format.
> -Steve
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