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Re: audit test results on lspp.12 kernel

linux-audit-bounces redhat com wrote on 03/20/2006 01:10:14 PM:

> On Monday 20 March 2006 14:03, Linda Knippers wrote:
> > Maybe you could post something to the list when the programs are
> > changed?  Perhaps with a sample of the new records?  Others
> > have done that and its been helpful.
> Unless anyone says otherwise, they are all already changed. FC5 is shipping
> with them in the new format. I don't have time to go dig up example records
> at this point. All this work happened a long time ago. Oct/Nov.

I think the point wasn't for you to obtain a list of what has been done and post that, but rather should anything else change in future development, that those changes be posted with an example of what has changed, so people have a heads up. I would also find this to be useful and interesting.

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