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Re: audit on Fedora Core 5

John D. Ramsdell wrote:
I installed FC5 on several machines by selecting the options office
products, software development, and web server, and customize later.
I was very surprised to discover that the audit and emacs packages
were not installed.  You'd think that both audit and emacs would be
part of the base system, independent of what options are specified.

I had the same issue with audit, and thought it was strange as well ... I was actually planning on sending a note to this list about it as well .. but John beat me to it.

By looking at /var/cache/yum/core/comps.xml file, it seems that audit is an optional package part of "system-tools" group, which somehow is not getting installed ... Shouldn't it be installed by default?

As far as emacs goes .. The group "editors" seems to be installed since my system has vi which part of it, however emacs is an optional package.

- Loulwa

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