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Help with setup

The systems are RHEL3.
Services: audit, crond, httpd, irqbalance, mdmmonintor, netfs, network,
ntpd, psacct, random, rawdevices, sgi_fam, sshd, syslog, systat, vsftpd.

Gene D.

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On 3/16/06, Gene Dellinger <gene poh com> wrote:
> Hoping this is the right place to get help configuring auditd(laus) on Red
> Hat.
> I have 4 high security systems that I need to allow a new employee root
> access to. I would like to see everything that is done by root or any
> users/processes, however the only thing I can seem to get it to do is tell
> me when my cronjobs, the sa stuff runs and login info.

I am guessing the systems are Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 systems? What
processes are turned on at boot time?

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator


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