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Re: audit on Fedora Core 5

On Thursday 23 March 2006 13:45, Stephen Smalley wrote:
> I think audit was made optional in FC5 because of the overhead
> associated with syscall auditing, even if you aren't using any syscall
> audit filters.

Precisely. I mentioned that we needed to work on performance way back in Sept.


Its item number 2. I put that into the RFE because I thought this would happen 
if we didn't address it. (That list is still open and in need of help since 
most if not all requests are kernel work.)

> It does yield a little surprise for SELinux users who just got accustomed to
> looking for audit.log in FC4,

If they are upgrading, the audit package should get pulled in. Only new 
installs would be affected.

> and we had already codified use of audit.log and ausearch in e.g. the
> audit2allow man page.

Long term, this is where we want to be. The audit log parsing library should 
help any tool makers job easier.

I see the current situation as a temporary wrinkle that we have to work 
through. Jason took a stab at alleviating the performance issue, but we can't 
include it yet since there's a bug in it. I don't know if he'll have time in 
the near future to continue working on it. If someone else wants to work 
through the bugs in it, that would be great. If someone else wants to create 
an alternate patch, that would be great. But we aren't likely to get back 
into installed by default without something kernel side changing.


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