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Re: An autrace that follows forks

James Antill <james antill redhat com> writes:

>  Note that although the FC5 kernel-headers package might well not be
> updated, it's very likely that FC5 already has a kernel that supports
> the PTRACE_O_ options[1]. So, personally, I'd just have something like:
> # define PTRACE_O_TRACEFORK 0x00000002 /* from kernel-2.6.x */
> #endif

Ah, and also do the same for PTRACE_EVENT_FORK and PTRACE_GETEVENTMSG.
I'm guessing using these options makes it so that signals are only
sent when a process is forked, not at every system call.

I grep'd the kernel documentation directory but didn't find much of
interest on ptrace.  I haven't looked at the kernel sources yet.
Googling on PTRACE_EVENT_FORK and the like keeps leading me to GDB, so
I plan to look at the sources.


Thanks for your help.


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