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RE: [RFC] NISPOM audit rules - first draft


I am a bit new at using mail lists, but I joined this one to get help on
setting up auditd for NISPOM chapter 8.

Below you say the nispom.rules has been updated several times.  Where is the
latest version located?  

In the nispom.rules version in your post in the archive, the comments said
several NISPOM audit requirements were met by other programs (1(b) by
patches to login, gdm, and openssh; 1(d) by patches to libpam; 1(e) & 1(f)
by patches to pam_tally).  Can these patches be downloaded from somewhere?
Do the patches work with SuSE 10.1 or 10.2?  

Sorry I come from a non-RH distro background.  Our choice of SuSE came from
the long historic past.  I rather not have to switch several machines to RH
in order to meet NISPOM requirements, but I could if absolutely necessary.

Brian K. Whatcott
Senior Software and Systems Engineer
Millennium Engineering Integration
(719) 264-4310, FAX (719) 264-4318
(719) 331-5100 (Cell)
bwhatcott meicompany com 
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On Friday 13 April 2007 14:24, Timothy R. Chavez wrote:
> Wow... finally just getting to these.  Just a couple quick comments below.

The nispom.rules file has been updated several times since this was
initially posted.

> > ## unsuccessful modifications
> > -a exit,always -S rename -S truncate -S ftruncate -F exit=-13 -k 
> > mods -a exit,always -S renameat -F exit=-13 -k mods -a exit,always 
> > -F perm=a -F exit=-13 -k mods
> No system call specified...

That's what the magic of "perm" is. It selects all syscalls that match the
changing of attribute.


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