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Re: [RFC] NISPOM audit rules - first draft

On Friday 13 April 2007 17:45, Brian K. Whatcott wrote:
> Below you say the nispom.rules has been updated several times.  Where is
> the latest version located?

You can download the latest source code, open the archive and copy 
nispom.rules to wherever you needed it.


The configuration takes advantage of some newer features. So, it may or may 
not work with the exact version of audit/kernel that you have.

> In the nispom.rules version in your post in the archive, the comments said
> several NISPOM audit requirements were met by other programs (1(b) by
> patches to login, gdm, and openssh; 1(d) by patches to libpam; 1(e) & 1(f)
> by patches to pam_tally).  Can these patches be downloaded from somewhere?

These patches have been sent upstream and hopefully your versions of those 
apps are new enough to have the patches and audit is enabled for them. I did 
not collect them up into one place, but rather tried to get them where they 
ultimately needed to go so everyone benefits from the work. The one exception 
might be util-linux which seems to be a dead project that each distro 
maintains themselves.

> Do the patches work with SuSE 10.1 or 10.2?  

I don't know.


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