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On Tuesday 24 April 2007 17:58:10 Machin, Glenn D wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if the RedHat Kernel configuration that allows one to
> watch filesystem objects made it back into the Linux Kernel Archives
> (www.kernel.org)?

That config option is only valid in RHEL4U2 and higher kernels within the 
RHEL4 series. That filesystem auditing attempt was rejected when it was 
presented upstream on the basis of too much overlap with inotify. (6 months 
prior we were told not to use inotify because we'd hurt its chances of 
getting upstream.) 

So, it was refactored and merged with the mainline kernel as of 2.6.19. (RHEL5 
has all the right patches.) In the latest upstream kernels, you do not need 
to use CONFIG_AUDITFILESYSTEM. It was decided that people might forget to 
enable that option and only have half the functionality. So, if you specify 
CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL in current kernels, you get the whole thing.

> Is this a RedHat only enhancement?

The one that's in RHEL4 is. Well, CentOS, too. But I've preserved the user 
space commandline interface so that rules written for RHEL4 work just as well 
with any 2.6.19 or later kernel.


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