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FW: auid unset

Additionally, this appears to only happen when using the command

aureport -I -w --failed

The other au<search|report> commands I use seem to work correctly.

David A. Kirkwood


>I need some help with configuration. First, I do not remember how to
>tell the version of the auditd I am running. I tried to get it by
>pulling strings with no success. The larger problem is I am configuring
>a RHEL4U5 system. I have a RHEL4U4 system that runs correctly and
>supplies the AUID when specified with aureport. The RHEL4U5 system has
>this parameter as "unset" rather than the AUID or uid or anything else
>to identify who was attempting to run failed commands. 

>If someone can help me with what needs to be set, I would appreciate
>I compared all of the obvious files, such as all pam files, the
>audit.rules, auditd.conf and syslog.conf and they all seem to be the

>Both systems run Linux 2.6.9-42.ELsmp.

>Thanks in advance. 


>David A. Kirkwood

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