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Re: What, if any, support is there for CentOS 5

Just to let you know, I gave it a try and it seems to be working. I noticed no errors or warnings on the build an I am seeing expected events. Thanks for the README-install file provided in the source rpm, it worked like a champ.

The only thing that didn't give me a warm-and-fuzzy feeling was that it looked like the glibc-kernheaders weren't available for CentOS 5??? However the build worked just fine...


Steve Grubb wrote:
On Friday 06 July 2007 11:20:09 am Robert Evans wrote:
 > I'm now playing with CentOS 5, and I notice that audit is present, but is
 > currently at audit-1.3.1-1.el5.

el5?   Don't they change that to their own dist tag?

 >  From the web page, it looks like only Fedora and RedHat are officially
 > supported.  I guess my question is, how or can I get the latest audit
 > package for CentOS 5?

You can download the srpm from my people page and build it yourself. I have no
idea if it will work with CentOS since I don't use that distro.


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