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Re: How to Set Watches for NFS Automounts?



From which perspective?  The client or the server?

For the client how about putting a watch on the mount command?

I added:
    -a entry,always -S mount

to the end of /etc/audit.rules file and it works fine.

Now re: the server I'm curious how to handle this myself.  Perhaps the
same thing may work there too.........


On 7/10/07, Taylor_Tad emc com <Taylor_Tad emc com> wrote:

I'm trying to figure out a way to set file system watches for NFS file
systems that are automounted (i.e., they get mounted automatically when
someone accesses them).

When an NFS file system is already mounted, it's straightforward to set a
watch on the path, however, for automounted file systems, you can't set a
watch when the file system isn't mounted.  Any suggestions as to the best
way to go about doing this?


--Tad Taylor
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