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RE: Why doesn't this rule block syscall records?

While working on parsing the ausearch output on RHEL 4 update 4 and
RHEL4 update 5,  I've noticed that there are some records generated that
have auid of unset/unknown (depending on which version of
auditd/ausearch you are using) that you may not wish to blindly ignore.
For instance,  an ssh login goes through some pam checks,  and even
though the auid is unset/unknown,  you can still discern who was trying
to log in and which pam check failed from elsewhere in the record,
something you may or may not wish to see when reviewing your logs.  

I think I've seen similar things when users log in at the console, but
I'd have to double check.  

Another important place I see records with auid unset/unknown when an
already-logged-in user initiates an "su".  I've been able to determine
the actual auid and effective UID (who the person was trying to become
via  "su") from other things in the audit record,  but this is another
case where you may not want to simply ignore  records that have auid

Food for thought,

Karen Wieprecht 

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  It's pretty much a stock RHEL 4.4 system.  
  	{marge.rtp.dg.com}_5: rpm -q kernel audit audit-libs
  So, is the general idea behind the rules sound?  You should be able to
block audit records for unset auids?
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Subject: Re: Why doesn't this rule block syscall records?
  On Thursday 12 July 2007 01:22:35 pm Taylor_Tad emc com wrote:
  > I was trying out a syscall entry rule that I thought would block
  > records from system services/daemons that haven't had their audit ID
  > (auid) set yet.
  Which kernel are you using? There was a signed/unsigned promotion and
  comparison bug fixed not too long ago.

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