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Re: [PATCH] audit=0 appears not to completely disable auditing

On Thursday 22 March 2007 17:45, Amy Griffis wrote:
> When audit_enabled was first implemented, it was only intended to turn
> off syscall auditing, not _all_ auditing. 

At that time, syscall auditing *was* all auditing.  :)

> This was so users could use audit for selinux messages without the overhead
> of syscall audit.

SE Linux has always been different and you shouldn't really consider it in the 
auditing system for enable/disable. The reason its different is that it uses 
audit as a transport mechanism and can happily use syslogs, too.

> > The patch below solves this problem by checking audit_enabled before
> > creating an audit event.
> If you want audit_enabled=0 to turn off audit completely, do you also
> want to drop selinux messages?

No, the SE Linux folks want avc messages at all times unless the admin 
specifically sets a rule to suppress them. 


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